Visionary Entrepreneurs Build Inspired Team



The secret behind every successful enterprise is a visionary leader. But a leader alone cannot run it. So, he brings together a host of inspired talents and helps bring out the best in them. Steve Jobs not only turned Apple into a great product, but also developed great teams to nurture his vision.

A team is to the company what a family is to the society. Taking care of the unit takes care of the whole. These five basic tenets go a long way in making sure the organization is healthy inside out.


A great team is built when people respect each other – from the top management board to the new joiners. There every member of the company feels valued. Humility in the top brass and recognition even at the lowest employee rung is the key to checking that respect is in healthy abundance. Achieving things with respect gives outstanding and long-lasting results. A respectful attitude stands out in the present cut-throat corporate world. This is an assured and noble method of leaving a lasting impression on co-workers and the business world as well.

Support at all Times

The best leaders act, not react. It can be difficult not to feel betrayed when a team member decides to jump ship, but the team leader’s reaction to such news is more important for the team than the problem of replacing the lost talent. The best thing for the leader is to wish the departing member a warm-hearted “good luck.” There are many paths a career might take, and someday — who knows? — your paths may converge again and you both may even decide to go into business together. The idea of “Employee first, Customer second” has much wisdom behind it and a value that is embedded in the best employers. Making a good team requires many other factors too, like paying good salaries, a good working atmosphere, and approachable, friendly management.

Equality and Patience

A team can include highly talented as well as mediocre performers. Despite the difference, it is necessary to manage all of them at the same level. This requires patience and proper planning. We cannot build anything in a single day, but with patience, we can plan our goals and implement our team to do the same.

Unified Vision

When all members of the team are striving for one goal, it is bound to pick up pace in the achievements galore. Every employee needs to be shown a clear picture of his role in the organization, and how he helps achieve the central goal. Nurture each team member with love and patience and you can see how far they will bring your projects to success.


The best leaders first nurture a great team before leading a successful firm. It is a continuous task and not a one-time effort. Like a relationship, leading a winning team is a continuous effort. The kegs run smoothly when they are regularly oiled and cleaned. Every big achievement has persistent effort behind it – being a good boss is no different.

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