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Nabila Habib

Indian IT Scene

The remote workspace is mushrooming in size and India is one of the forerunners in offering remote workers to organizations spread over all corners of the globe. With over four billion-strong workforces, India rules a big chunk of the remote workforce.

Indian IT workforce is actively growing and increasingly becoming recruitment of choice by companies big and small. Indian technical talent is currently among the top three most in-demand skill areas. For a growing number of firms based outside India, the Indian technology workforce is a go-to talent pool where they look to hire their tech team to scale and grow their firms.

A firm like Sevendyne – with strong connections in the Indian workforce ecosystem – makes this prospect easy and transparent with its recruitment and Human Resource Management services.

Scaling business in a new country can be a time-consuming responsibility and this is where firms like Sevendyne play a crucial part. Managing a new tech team in a new locale has its unique demands and problems that can be arduous for a foreign company. A local firm that offers to take away such non-core activities from the recruiter can leave them to concentrate on the company’s core responsibilities and perform better.

This kind of outsourced responsibility has a number of advantages.

Remote Hiring

Remote Hiring

An Indian recruitment and staffing service firm can study the needs of its clients abroad and select the most competent and specialized talents from its vast network inland. Services with complete transparency and step-by-step appraisal let the client choose their pick from their bases. When the tech team is selected, a streamlined onboarding process reduces time, leaving the clients free to begin their business process in a relatively shorter duration.

Human Resource Management


Managing employees working in a foreign place can be full of hassles where red tapes and differences in international laws come into practice. It takes care of all procedural processes like talent management, payroll processing, performance evaluation, compensation analysis, performance appraisals, time tracking, leave management, and compliance with the laws and regulations of the employee’s local statutory authorities, including taxes.

For foreign companies pursuing the prospects of expanding their business in India, the HRM menu of Sevendyne also contains cost-effective services for insurance, benefits, and risk management.  

Corporate Training

Corporate Technical Training

Corporate training are a way to assure the employees are acquiring skills required in moving forward in their careers and in the growth of the company. Sevendyne offers technical training that is customizable according to the need of the time and requirements of the client.

In the modern digital world, Indian technical talents are becoming more proficient than before and the world is already taking notice of the Indian technical talent pool. With world-class technical education available here, the availability of eligible talents here is a veritable well of opportunity for foreign firms looking to expand their horizons and mark their address pin on the Indian subcontinent.

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