10 Ways to Change Your Programming Game from Mediocre to Brilliant

Programming is a work or art. A computer program is not meant to tell computers to do a specific task; rather, it is meant to show users how to handle tasks perfectly.

A good program should be easily understandable. Developers need to produce working software that’s easy to use. We need to invest more time in designing, reviewing, and testing the code than actually writing it.

Taking unit tests or other kinds of tests is not a waste of time, it improves quality and performance.

A developer who doesn’t find the obvious defects is never going to shine. No one wants developers who only code. Always test your code before submitting it. You can write a few test cases to check whether your program runs perfectly in bad cases.

Every programmer must develop the below 10 qualities to be successful.

1. Good Programming skills in Object-Oriented Languages.
2. Strong Data Structures and Algorithms skills.
3. Basic web development – Hosting your site with a database (MySQL, etc) on a server.
4. Write Neat, Simple, and Modular code.
5. Contribute to Open-Source Projects – Learn how to use GitHub, fork projects, contribute patches and maintain code.
6. Basics of Machine Learning.
7. Open and assemble the components of a computer – know what each component does and how they fit together.
9. Learn how computer networks work.

10. Basics of security, vulnerabilities, and cryptography.

Producing working software that’s easy to use requires exactly this type of balance. How do you balance your time between designing, reviewing, and testing code?

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