Running It Right: Mind of the Entrepreneur


Running a business requires the balance of two factors: a business acumen and the right mental state. While the first applies to external situations, the latter happens inside the head of the entrepreneur, and affects the employees. When the inside cogs are running smoothly, the outside machinery falls into place.

It is not easy keeping the right mental attitude when a hundred different things clamour for attention. Amidst it all, one can get frayed at the edges while dealing with employees. But three basic ideas help one bind it all together in a neat packet of success.

The feeling of freedom is a basic need of humans, so it is imperative to give your people the freedom to get creative, to come up with their own ideas, and run with them. If someone comes to you with an idea for a business, why not ask that person to launch a start-up? Doing this will open new markets for your business and, more often than not, succeed. Your company should act as a springboard for ambitious employees, not a set of shackles.

This is important in business: Don’t wait until an employee comes to you and says he’s ready to leave before you start thinking about what his goals are and what keeps him happy — this should be part of your hiring decision. Before you make a prospect a job offer, be sure to consider how his plans for his career fit with your company’s. If there’s a real mismatch, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to work together long.

If you have a staff member who is really flourishing, he may well get to the stage where he is keen to become his own boss, and when this happens, you can’t blame anyone. As any entrepreneur will tell you, there’s nothing quite like running your own business. This is an opportunity for your company, not a setback. Bringing somebody new into the fold means that you will get a fresh perspective on your business and you’ll have the chance to add to your team’s skills and talents.

Digital Marketing

Every business wants to become successful in this world. Giving proper attention to marketing is very important. Digital marketing is one of the top marketing techniques available now. Digital marketing comprises of developing websites, banners and advertise using SEO, paid campaigns etc. It’s one of the most successful marketing tactics available now. 

SEO is one of the most important of digital marketing strategy. It helps to add search keywords in websites and also to add links and contents into popular websites like Quora and Reddit . 

Another way of digital marketing is creating a presence in the social media . Social Media help to reach millions of communities at one go, like Facebook and Instagram. Another way is Google Ad-words, which helps to list the business on top search engine results. Email marketing is another strategy that helps to reach millions of email subscribers via Mailchimp and other email automation tools. 

While most of the world has gone digital, marketplace has shifted base too. Digital marketing is a basic requirement for any business to be known and to grow.

Visionary Entrepreneurs Build Inspired Team



The secret behind every successful enterprise is a visionary leader. But a leader alone cannot run it. So, he brings together a host of inspired talents and helps bring out the best in them. Steve Jobs not only turned Apple into a great product, but also developed great teams to nurture his vision.

A team is to the company what a family is to the society. Taking care of the unit takes care of the whole. These five basic tenets go a long way in making sure the organization is healthy inside out.


A great team is built when people respect each other – from the top management board to the new joiners. There every member of the company feels valued. Humility in the top brass and recognition even at the lowest employee rung is the key to checking that respect is in healthy abundance. Achieving things with respect gives outstanding and long-lasting results. A respectful attitude stands out in the present cut-throat corporate world. This is an assured and noble method of leaving a lasting impression on co-workers and the business world as well.

Support at all Times

The best leaders act, not react. It can be difficult not to feel betrayed when a team member decides to jump ship, but the team leader’s reaction to such news is more important for the team than the problem of replacing the lost talent. The best thing for the leader is to wish the departing member a warm-hearted “good luck.” There are many paths a career might take, and someday — who knows? — your paths may converge again and you both may even decide to go into business together. The idea of “Employee first, Customer second” has much wisdom behind it and a value that is embedded in the best employers. Making a good team requires many other factors too, like paying good salaries, a good working atmosphere, and approachable, friendly management.

Equality and Patience

A team can include highly talented as well as mediocre performers. Despite the difference, it is necessary to manage all of them at the same level. This requires patience and proper planning. We cannot build anything in a single day, but with patience, we can plan our goals and implement our team to do the same.

Unified Vision

When all members of the team are striving for one goal, it is bound to pick up pace in the achievements galore. Every employee needs to be shown a clear picture of his role in the organization, and how he helps achieve the central goal. Nurture each team member with love and patience and you can see how far they will bring your projects to success.


The best leaders first nurture a great team before leading a successful firm. It is a continuous task and not a one-time effort. Like a relationship, leading a winning team is a continuous effort. The kegs run smoothly when they are regularly oiled and cleaned. Every big achievement has persistent effort behind it – being a good boss is no different.