Qt Linux Packages

Qt is an amazing C++ framework where you can write a single code and deploy in Windows, Linux and many other platforms. Its being widely used for developing Desktop, Embedded programs for Touch screen devices like Automotive IVIs, POS systems etc and also in Medical fields like Image processing and more.

After developing my first project in Linux i found it difficulty to make a Linux setup for my App. After Googling i found an amazing tool called CQtDeployer which is very easy to use. So i wanted to share the same with those who are also looking for this. Please see the below.

To make a linux Qt App package, you can do the following steps.

Install cqtdeployer from the terminal(ALT+T): sudo snap install cqtdeployer

Got to cqtdeployer folder from terminal: cd /root/qtdeployer(Differs based on your system, please see the installation location for CQtdeployer)

Make the Setup package: ./cqtdeployer.sh -bin {Application Root} -qmake path/to/Qt/5.x.x/build/bin/qmake

Reference: Thanks to QuasarApp, https://github.com/QuasarApp/CQtDeployer

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