Laravel Build-Notes

Here are the few Laravel commands which helps your new or ongoing Laravel web projects. See below.

git clone ( copy the gitlab link ): Pull the code from your repos(Github or others).

copy .env.example .env: Normally every project has a default .env.example file. So make a new .env file from that. Also config the DB credentials inside the .env file. 

$ composer update: Build the project with required Laravel packages.

$ php artisan key:generate: Genrating unique key for Laravel composer to identify the app.

$ php artisan migrate: Migrating the Schema tables to Database.

$ composer dump-autoload: Load newly added PHP files.

$ php artisan db:seed: Seeding tables with factory values(Using faker)

Faker: Generating dummy values to DB tables
Tinker: Debug lines of code using php artisan tinker

If you want to learn more about Laravel then go to this website which i found very useful, Also click below.


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