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Sevendyne is born out of passion and ability to create success.

Sevendyne is located near Kottayam city of Kerala, India. We provides application, business and management services to industrial growth markets by various modes, both in India and overseas.

Application Services

We develops cross platform, mobile and desktop solutions across a wide range of technologies including Microsoft, Qt, Android, Xamarin etc., technologies.

Business Services

We provides full stack of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management services: to help global enterprises successfully generate, close and manage leads.

Management Services

We provides comprehensive and integrated services that will enable organizations institutionalize legal compliance management and mitigate risks.

Recent Works

Trading Systems

Cygnus Systems UK has chosen Sevendyne to develop & market a modern trading platform for stock brokers and trading companies around the world.

Invoice Mangement

Sevendyne has developed complex parser tools for managing thousands of invoice files for Simplessus Gmbh, Germany.

Property Management

Orka & Obsideri properties UK has chosen Sevendyne to develop innovative property management tools for connecting Real estate brokers, tenants and landlords under a single platform.

Car Wash

NFS car wash has chosen Sevendyne to digitize their car washing system for efficient use of customers and facilities in Kerala, India.